The Weekly Review

Let's get down to business. I have missed yall!!


I'm the worst with details, in theory this blogging thing is one of my greatest passions but when it comes to the details, I'm a squirrel. Sorry about that, I hope you weren’t expecting more of me. This will have to do.


Tons of creative content that comes to me in the shower, and at 3 am in the morning and then when it's time to put pen to paper, every ounce of creativity is lost to me. So don’t be surprised that I go missing for several weeks at a time. I know, I know, real bloggers blog every week at the same time but whatever. #RebelsForLife


Someone reached out to me and asked me to blog about how to be friends with people with anxiety. I LOVE knowing what y'all want to hear from me, so keep those requests coming!

I'll write that one up soon, but this week I want to focus on: the weekly review.

I was looking through social media and noticed that bloggers have mostly turned their pages into #ads in hopes to gain more followers and the products they are “selling” are completely stupid. Sorry, no offense. But TRULY>


Rachel and I were talking about how almost everything we buy and do, and love is based off suggestions and word of mouth. Bloggers have such high influence and we wish they would give their real opinions about products. (I’m sure some do, I just haven’t found that many) Instagram’s Janny organically is one of my favorite accounts that gives her honest opinion while still blogging and making an income based off posts. Follow her if you are into health, wellness, and wholistic living.

But I have not found an account that is talking about all-the-things. Rachel and I realized OH MY GOSHHHHHH, we could do this and make it fun and interactive. We will talk all about the products we love and can’t live without, give you the cold hard honest truth from both of our perspectives on all things in the media, TV shows and movies, beauty products, current events, sports, brands and companies doing good in the world, etc every week (okay, every week is a stretch! We will be lucky to do this twice) We will Instagram LIVE us chatting and breaking down all-the-things and keep it up for the 24 hours so if you can’t tune in you can watch it later. DM me if you want us to investigate anything. And we will bring FUN back to social media! Because I am tired of looking at Ads of celebrities promoting Colgate toothpaste when we all know Crest is better. I’m kidding, I don’t use either but you get the point.


Rach and I won’t discuss our topics with each other until we are actually on LIVE. We do a weekly recap in real life so might as well put it on the GRAM. I can’t tell you how many people tell me, Rob, and Rachel DAILY that we should be on a reality TV show. Umm, no thanks. But this will be sort of like reality and way better. So join us, I think we will do it towards the end of the week. We would love for yall to be there. And we will see how it goes.

Oh, and for those who have been living in a hole and don’t know who Rachel is… She is my everything. LITERALLY, she is more valuable to me than gold. If I had to choose between Rachel and food, I’d choose Rachel.

I met Rach seven years ago. She is quite a bit younger than me, and I mostly keep her around because she keeps me young and she calls me out when I start acting like a sassy grandma pants. I was her cheer coach when she was a little bitty Freshman in highschool all the way till she graduated. I had a strict no-friends rule with my cheer girls, but clearly we gave in. She has been like a little sister to me and I like to think I’m like the big sister she has always wanted. Last year, I hired her to work for Mission 108 and for Rob and I to keep things afloat while we travel. That is why she is always over at the house and you see her with us 24/7. Contrary to everyone’s DM’s, she does not live with us!

And I know yall love her so much, that why the weekly review is perfect because you’ll get more of both of us:)

Okay, I have to go. Duty calls. Love yall. MEAN IT. And I will see you guys on Instagram LIVE later this week!



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