The truth behind Mission 108: Golf scramble and Golf scramble dinner

I’m so blown away. It’s almost been one week since the Mission 108 Golf scramble and golf scramble dinner; our largest event of the year. 

Many of you don’t know this about me, but once upon a time, I was a wedding and event planner. It lasted less than one year and I planned 5 events. I loved it. But cuddos to event planners, because geeez, its a lot of work and stress!  

Bless. Courtney and Rachel having to deal with my perfectionism.  

This past week was so incredible. One of my favorite things is gathering people over a meal to talk about real things. This event is exactly that. People travelled from all over the country to support Mission 108 for this annual event. Supporters and donors flew in from Alaska, California, Arizona, Japan, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, and more to be apart of this magical night. 

We set a goal to raise $48,000 to support the safe home we partner with for an entire year. And I’m excited to announce, WE DID IT!! And then some.  

Your generosity brought me to my knees. Years ago when I started Mission 108, my vision was clear but I was unsure of people would resignate with it. Today, it makes me so happy to see the growth we’ve had, and know that hundreds of people crave the same things we do. You can search the hashtag #mission108 and #webelongtoeachother on Instagram to see more of the night. 

We have so much more to come. Many of you have asked me how you can hear me speak. I am so honored by that! Right now, I’m speaking at Mission 108 events, or I’ve been invited to speak at churches or events as the guest speaker. You can book that through this website. And I’d love nothing more than to write a piece for your blog or come speak to your tribe and give out free hugs. But as of yet, I’m not holding any public speaking events. Although, that’s a huge dream for the future! Mission 108 is dreaming up a women’s brunch and inviting a special guest. If you would travel in for an event, who would you want to hear from ladies?! Give me your thoughts!! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this past weekend. There is zero way I could have done any of it with you out.  Here are some pictures of the Tribe! 



The Ross brothers  


The badass women leading this ship! Courtney X Brittany X Rachel (aka Shadyy)


 {Brittany overslept an hour and was late to the golf scramble registration! Hence, looking a little tired)


Huge THANK YOU to our sponsors! 


If you can’t make it to our golf scramble, you can always sponsor a hole ! 


Red Sox team signed ball 


gifts for our golfers 


silent auction table 



And the love birds who love life so much they can barely stand it.  

Love y’all!  

BAR and the TRIBE 

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