Gypsy at the Orchard: September 2018


All my mama dreams came true when Robbie took us to the orchard for the first time as a family of three. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Even though it’s still a million degrees outside, I’m counting down the days til we can break it the pumpkin decor! All of this seems so much sweeter now that we have a little one.  

Gypsy’s starting to really pay attention to things around her, and get excited about the life that surrounds her. She kicks her legs and screams so loud when she sees kids hoping they’ll want to play with her.  


She is loving swinging at parks so much so I think we are going to look for a macrame indoor sing for her to swing in while we make dinner as a family this off season. 







What’s your favorite season? There’s just something about Fall that moves me more than the rest!  



- BAR  

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