Welcome to Love Letters From BAR


Hello beautiful souls,

I can’t help but believe you landed here for a reason. You’re here in this online space because everyone and everything is connected. We are all on purpose. And I am glad that we’ve found each other here.

It seems like everyone and their mother has a blog these days. I'm a little late to the show—I know—but none-the-less I'm showing up, I'm here and I'm bloggin’. My hope for this blog is to give you a little bit of everything according to my lifestyle. I can’t even count the number of times people have told me that I should have a reality show. And while I WOULD NEVER submit myself (or you) to that torture, I have to agree that my life is a hilarious mixture of beautiful and messy, so this is my corner of the online world.

This is where you can come laugh and cry with me as I spill my heart and my guts out in little Love Letters from BAR. I also want to use this space to connect with you, my readers, fans, friends and followers. I've started speaking at events and teaching yoga as I travel so if you’re interested in bringing me to your people, just email me through this site and I’ll give you all I've got, share my heart, and give tons of hugs.

I believe wholeheartedly in using social media to create positive, inspiring, and real content. I’ve met some of my greatest friends and made the most incredible connections through social media. I’ve experienced first hand all the good these websites and apps can bring to the world.

But I knew that if I started a blog, I’d have to do it my way.

What you’ll find on my website will not be what you find on your average blog. I believe in real talk over small talk, and will definitely not provide you with coupons codes for detox tea or spam your inbox with daily posts just for the sake of posting. As far as working with brands, I will let that happen naturally. To be honest, I don't want any more free shat cluttering up my life and home, so unless the brand is absolutely something I believe in and think you're missing out on, it's not something I'll fill your feed with. However, if your brand wants to collab with Mission 108 then please email me.

 If all of this sounds good to you, I think we will be great friends.

For the past several years, I’ve been pouring my soul in words as a sort of therapy for myself. I started Mission 108 over a year ago and that’s opened doors for me to continue traveling the world, speak at events, and write even more. I’ve shared some of what I write on Instagram or Facebook and found that what social media is missing is true connection and realness. When ya’ll reach out to me after I’ve poured my heart out or dropped some serious truth, it insanely warms my heart and soul.

I’m so excited to share more of my adventures as I travel, what I learn on my yoga mat (where I promise you life unfolds for me), and personal snippets of my life with the real Robbie Ross. This will be a space for people to connect, share openly, find inspiration, and speak truth and life to one another. We’re going to laugh a lot because if I can’t laugh at myself for my undeniable inability to Adult (v.) then what can I do? 


“My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” - Maya Angelou


For those of you who have no idea who I am or why you landed in my corner of the online word, let’s start here:

I'm Brittany. Most people call me BAR. My husband even tattooed that on his ring finger to express his undying love for me. :)


I am a nomad, traveler, and proudly live in three states per year. Traveling is my greatest teacher and reward. I am an adult against adulting. I find life to be extremely and hilariously hard. If my husband’s job ended tomorrow we’d pack up and move to live with the bush people in Africa, a village in India, or a hut in Costa Rica living off the land and definitely not concerning ourselves with pants, bills, or any other foolish adulty things.

I am a bit of a hippie. A free spirit and deep thinker. Professional packer, mover, and home-maker. They call me the boss at Mission 108. I teach yoga and guide people back home into their bodies. I love words and bringing stories to life through writing. I have a desire to make people feel things in a culture that suppresses emotions. Sometimes, I give talks about my life, traveling, serving vulnerable populations, and how to choose joy in the midst of pain. You can book me to come hang or chat with your tribe of people on this site.

I love sunshine. I’m solar powered so when the sun ain’t shinin’, I ain’t either. And the ocean. A Trenta starbucks green tea with no sweetener will brighten any cloudy day. I love my dogs - I'm kind of obsessed with them. And my husband. He is simultaneously my best friend and worst nightmare.

And my assistant, Rachel. Who has way bigger dreams than working for me but knows I will do just about anything to keep her around, like brag about her in this post. She brings all of this to life. I write. She figures out how to get you to read it, and get it on the page you’re reading.



I am a proud college dropout. When I couldn’t take anymore communications classes and they told me I had to take dinosaurs and disasters, I peaced out.

But I did love my college roommates. They became my tribe. My sisters. I'll likely write a love letter to you and tell you about how good girlfriends change everything in life.


Laughing. Hugging. Dancing. Those three things, okay. That’s all we need, you know?

I believe in magic and miracles, and that those two things happen when we step outside our comfort zone.

I talk a lot about choosing joy in the midst of pain. Through miscarrying, dealing with chronic fatigue, severe anemia, and anxiety I’ve realized just how incredible life and the human body is. I plan to live my life out loud and on purpose.

I practice yoga daily. YOGA. I will talk a lot about yoga. God, the Universe, and Santa meet me on my yoga mat and all the things come into my heart and soul and this is where I spill it out.

Thank you for joining me on this wild ride. I am excited to open up, jump in, and share all that life has for us.

Life is beautiful and messy.

Both are meant to be shared.

Love and hugs,