Brittany is a national speaker with a passion for sharing her experiences and heart with people in a variety of settings. Traveling the world and serving the extreme poor through Mission 108 initially opened the door for Brittany to teach people how to best serve the vulnerable. Once Mission 108 became sustainable, her heart for women expanded, and it has become her deepest desire to share all that she’s learned from being a young, female CEO of a nonprofit, traveling baseball wife, activist for the vulnerable, and new adoptive mom.

Brittany speaks on the following topics:

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+ Empowering Women

For centuries women have been fed messages about our worth and appearance that teach us we are more valuable when we stay small and quiet. Brittany’s message to women is one that reminds you who you really are, what you are capable of, and that you are WHOLE all on your own.

+ Fighting Human Trafficking

When Brittany learned about human trafficking in a village in Uganda, her heart was undone by the darkness inside of modern day slavery. Brittany was invited to India to gain firsthand experience and meet survivors of sex slavery. It here that she met and fell in love with an aftercare program that takes a stance against trafficking from a sustainable, holistic mindset. To keep the program running, and give the survivors hope, Mission 108 was born. Brittany now teaches others how to be ambassadors for change in eradicating slavery in the U.S. and abroad.

+ Serving Through Adoption and Foster Care

Becoming a mom was a tragic and beautiful four year long journey that taught Brittany more about herself, life, and God than she could ever fathom. A surprise positive pregnancy test, three miscarriages in nine months, one failed adoption, hundreds of vials of blood for infertility testing, procedure after procedure, and a heck of a lot of wrestling with God, Brittany and Robbie finally have their miraculous, beautiful daughter, Gypsy, through adopting from the foster care system. Adoption has been the greatest gift of their lives and it is Brittany’s great joy to advocate for foster children and adoption.

+ Embracing Diversity

Being married to a professional athlete has opened doors for Brittany to walk red carpets and mingle with world leaders, but nothing has been more valuable to her than what she has learned from sharing meals with those of different cultures. From the time Brittany was little, she known learned to communicate and learn from people of different backgrounds. Having gone to a predominantly white high school and being one of the only people of color, she now carries the confidence to lead people in thought-provoking conversations to better themselves, take daring risks, have meaningful conversations and more. Whether it is teaching CEO's how to better manage millennials, children how to interact with different cultures, or anything in-between, Brittany can offer your group a new look at leadership through the lens of an expert in diversity.

+ Preparing for Missions

Brittany went on her first mission trip in 2012 to Ethiopia doing medical and dental work. Since then, she has traveled internationally multiple times a year working in the slums of Africa, orphanages in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and most recently, safehouses in India. Her passion for bringing hope to the extreme poor and survivors of human trafficking is the backbone of her organization, Mission 108. Brittany now talks to groups as they prepare for short-term mission trips throughout the world.

+ Overcoming Adversity

+ Charitable Giving


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